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25th Jul

Urgent Technical Issue 0800 25/7 - NOW FIXED

We had a problem at 0800 when we couldn't access our computers.  This has now been fixed, please phone in as normal.



13th Jul


Welcome to our new and improved website.  We hope this website will be easier for you to use. We have functions where prescriptions can be requested in a simpler way, you can access information on our appointments and services,  we have links on how access health information from other sources. We hope to offer more useful options in the future through this website.
We are aware that regretfully many of you have been experiencing difficulty in booking appointments at Colinton Surgery in recent weeks. We apologise for this but recognise that unfortunately many of the reasons for this occurring is out with our control. Demand for appointments with one of our GPs and other staff has increased significantly in recent months, particularly as we are all moving out of the pandemic and its restrictions. This increase has been seen in GP surgeries across the whole country. This demand is frequently now outstripping the appointments that we can deliver with our current staffing levels. Unfortunately too this issue has also made our phone lines much busier. It has  resulted in longer wait periods before some callers are able to get through to us.
We are exploring potential options that we hope may improve matters for us at Colinton Surgery. In the past year our team has expanding to include an additional part time pharmacist Bala Subbiah, who joined our existing pharmacy team ( Kathryn Scott and Rania Hussain). We also welcomed a new Mental Health Nurse Alayne Costello in 2021, many of you may already have met or spoken with her. We hope to see some additional new faces joining our team in the months to come.
We now provide the option to book an appointment online through this website via the relaunched Patient Services online system.  Some of you registered for this service when it operated before the pandemic.  If you would like to register for online booking please access the registration form through the link 'appointments online and other forms', or via the latest news post below. We are now working to increase the proportion of our appointment that can be booked online.
We are aware of the current problems and our trying our best to improve matters. We ask for your support and patience while we work on improvements.
1st Jul

Current Contact Details


Increasingly we are contacting you through your mobile phone number.  We have also significantly increased the number of text messages we send to our patients in recent months.  It is important that we have your current correct contact details.  If you suspect that the number we may have is not correct please click the link below.  Many of our younger adult patients ( those 16 years and over) may have the contact number for a parent or guardian in their record. You may wish to have this removed if you are a young adult, again please click the link below to have your details updated in your record with us.

To update your contact details, click here

Please hand form into the Surgery once completed or email to

6th May


Despite the cessation of mandatory face masks in public areas face masks are still required to attend healthcare buildings.  This is because we are visited by many patients for whom covid 19 can still have a significant impact due to their clinical conditions.  For the same reason we will continue to request a degree of social distancing in the waiting room until further notice.


1st Apr


As part of a redesign of General Practice to deal with the unprecedented current demand, all GP practices have now ceased undertaking travel vaccinations and associated travel services.  If you require travel vaccinations it is  suggested that you contact the specialist NHS Lothian travel service, for information click Here

31st Mar


This system is quick and efficient and will allow you to order your Prescription. There will also be a service to allow you to book Face to Face GP appointments online.

  1. Patients will complete the registration form HERE (it may download at the bottom left of your screen) save the document to your desktop then attach it to an email and submit it to 
  2. Each applicant from a family will need their own personal email address. (because it gives access to a medical record shared email addresses are not acceptable).  Children under 16 cannot use this system. 
  3. A link key will be sent to your email address to allow you to set a password and access the system. You can manage and recall your password online.
  4. Once registered, you will be able to book from a selection of routine face to face 10 minute GP appointments online.  (Unfortunately not nurse appointments as these require additional information at the time of booking).  You will be able to see all your appointments (not just those booked online).  Only single GP appointments can be booked - if you need a double appointment please phone the surgery to book your appointment.
  5. Once registered, you can view and reorder all your current repeat medications (the medicines that you order regularly that are shown on your repeat prescription reorder form). It will not show your acute medications (items that the doctor authorises for a short period or for single occasions) but you can request these via this new system.  You can also view the status of any requests you have made.


Using text messages to contact you is increasingly important and useful to the way in which we are now working. If you haven't yet signed up to our text messaging service and wish to do so, see Text Messaging under the appointments section of this website.