Documentation Required to Join

If you are new to the area and wish to register with our Practice please bring along the following documentation before 17:00:

  • Proof of identification (photographic) 





Further general information on registering with a medical practice is available from the NHS Inform website. 

You will be asked to show photographic proof of Identification.  We no longer insist on proof of address, except where we have evidence that you have moved to a new address outside our practice area. The reception team will advise on the specific requirements.

When registering you will also be asked to complete our New Patient Registration forms and a Questionnaire as these allows the doctor to familiarise him/herself with your medical history and healthcare needs. These must be brought personally into reception before you can register as you also need to bring proof of identification and answer some relevant questions (please don’t send them in – there are questions the receptionist needs to ask and she needs to see the proof of  identification).