Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal disorders)

 Muscle and Joint Problems

Most times these are due to an injury, or to wear and tear, and don't require to see the doctor. Excellent advice and exercises are available from NHS Inform  click here. There is also a very good smartphone app available free, called "NHS24 MSK help". Both these sources can off you advice on:

Back - Hip; Neck - Knee; Shoulder - Ankle; Elbow - Foot; Wrist, Hand, Finger

If the problem is persisting longer than six weeks, you may benefit from physiotherapy, so please make an GP appointment to discuss a referral for physio treatment.  However, please be aware that the NHS waiting list for physio treatment is currently several months long and to see a private physio does not require a GP appointment first. In the Colinton area, there are also several private physiotherapists you may also wish to consult.


Sore back, sore shoulder or sore knee? The physiotherapy website has lots of information about common conditions and exercises. 

Alternatively, you can self refer to physiotherapy for routine problems without contacting a GP. Please complete the self-referral form below and send to the address on the form and you will be contacted and offered an appointment in due course.


NHS Physio self help guide


Physio website


Download MSK Physiotherapy self-referral form