Clinics We Offer


Antenatal Clinic

The community midwives provide all antenatal care and advice during pregnancy. If you have recently found out you are pregnant and wish to organise your initial assessment please contact the midwives on 0131 536 2009. Due to changes caused by COVID-19 antenatal clinics are no longer held at Colinton Surgery, but at Lauriston Building.

Routine concerns about your pregnancy should be directed to your community midwife.

For emergencies only:

If you have urgent concerns about your pregnancy (and have had your booking scan) or have gone in to labour then obstetric triage at the Royal Infirmary can be contacted on 0131 242 2657.


Asthma Clinic

It is important to keep your asthma well controlled. Ideally patients should have a review of their asthma annually. This review is to ensure appropriate inhaler technique and to ensure that you are on the most appropriate medication to control your symptoms. Asthma UK have excellent information about better managing your asthma and is well worth a look. We recognise however that many asthmatics will have been on the correct inhalers and using the correct inhaler technique for years. We are therefore keen to try to identify those that could be better managed.

Most asthmatics will be on salbutamol (blue inhaler) as a rescue medicine. This should be used as often as is required to relieve your symptoms. If this is being used more than twice weekly however it would suggest that your asthma symptoms are not optimally controlled and perhaps changes could be made to improve your symptoms. If this were the case we would recommend you book an appointment to discuss your asthma control with Gail Duthie, Practice Nurse. Please also visit Asthma UK for further information too as occasionally simple changes to inhaler technique can dramatically improve symptom control.

Similarly you may feel your asthma is causing you no symptoms whatsoever. Perhaps your medication could be “stepped down”. This ‘step-down’ should always be done in discussion with the medical team. If you feel your steroid therapy is too high or not required please discuss with Gail.

Please also remember that if you are using a steroid inhaler you are entitled to a flu vaccination.

How to arrange an asthma review:

Asthma reviews can be conducted either by telephone or by booking an appointment with Gail Duthie.  Please contact reception to arrange this (0131 441 4555). Please also visit asthma UK website prior to this review appointment.


Baby and Child Immunisations

All baby and child vaccinations for our patients now (since 30/8/21) take place at Allermuir Medical Centre (1st floor) on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and are undertaken by a nurse from the NHS Lothian Community Vaccination Team. Invitations for these appointments will be sent out by NHS Lothian Child Health department. For the appointments, letters offering appointments should arrive by the previous Thursday at the latest. If you have not received a letter by that date, or have any queries regarding the timing of the appointment please phone Child Health on 0131 312 1860. Unfortunately, because of the complexities of managing child immunisations, these are the only times available for these immunisations. If you are working and find it difficult to take time off work, a family relative or friend can bring your child for immunisation, provided that they bring written consent by the parent to the appointment.

However, all questions relating to clinical pre-immunisation advice should be addressed to our Health Visiting team based at Allermuir Medical Centre on 0131 312 2164.

The safety of all these immunisations is well established and there are few genuine contra-indications. If, however, you have any concerns please discuss them at the 6-8 week appointment with the GP or with the Health Visitor.

6-8 week post natal/baby check (covid-19 update)

To arrange your 6-8 week post natal maternal and baby check-up please contact reception on 441 4555. This can be arranged once you know the date of your Health Visitor's 6 week baby review at home. Initial assessment will be undertaken over the telephone, followed by a face to face examination of your baby. Please remember to bring your red book and white envelope with 6 week form enclosed to this appointment.

This check should be completed before your baby is immunised at 8 weeks.

breast screening

Breast Screening

Between the ages of 50 and 64 years women can participate in the National Breast Screening Programme, run locally from Springwell House in Ardmillan Terrace. You will automatically receive an invitation to attend before your 53rd birthday and three yearly thereafter.

Cervical Smears

Smears are under taken by the practice nurses. Appointments are available at any time during the working week. The recall for smears is run centrally in Edinburgh and not organised by the Practice. This runs from 25 until 64 years old. Further information regarding these changes can be found at and

Child Developmental Checks

The only formal Child Development Check by the Practice now occurs in the GP appointment 6-8 weeks after birth. However, the Health Visitors carry out developmental checks regularly in line with the Universal Pathway (details are in your red book). Parents are encouraged to contact the Health Visiting team to discuss any concerns regarding their child’s development by phoning 0131 312 2164.

family planning

Chronic Disease Management

We regularly like to see patients who are Asthmatic, Diabetic, have Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Patients with any of these conditions are invited to attend for health checks which may involve blood tests, blood pressure measurements or breathing tests. Please book with PN Gail Duthie to review your Asthma or COPD, and either Gail or Shirley to review your Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) or Hypertension (HTN) review. 

Contraceptive Services/Family Planning

A full range of contraceptive services are provided by the Practice including long acting contraceptives (coils, implants and injections). All GPs and Practice Nurses are qualified to give contraceptive advice. Dr McDermott and Dr Robertson can fit coils and insert contraceptive implants. If you are considering either of these methods please make an appointment with either of them. All other contraceptive methods can be discussed with any other GP or nurse. Emergency contraception is available through most local pharmacies, Chalmers sexual health clinic (0131 536 1070) or by appointment at the Practice.


Cryotherapy Clinic (warts & veruccas)

If suffering from a wart or verruca please contact your local pharmacy. Further information available here CLICK HERE. As per the General Practice NHS contract a freezing service for warts or verrucas is no longer offered by the Practice.

Developmental Baby Clinics (Allermuir Baby Clinic)

These usually take place every Thursdays 11:30 – 12:30 at Allermuir Medical Centre (currently suspended due to covid 19). Open for all babies and children up to school age. The health visiting team will weigh your baby and discuss any problems you may have. Parents are requested to bring their “Parent Held Record” card (Red Book) with them at each attendance. In addition, there is a 'Weaning Talk' on the first Thursday of each month 11:30 -12:30.

Diabetic Clinic

Drs Robertson and Parry and Nurses Shirley McCall and Kirsty Yeung hold regular clinics for patients with Type 2 diabetes. The practice policy is to review all patients who have Type 2 diabetes twice a year in the Diabetic Clinic. Diabetic patients will notice a change in the format of their reviews, developed in liaison with the House of Care project. To involve you more in the process, you should receive the results of your tests before your review. This will give you time to consider your diabetes and decide what issues you wish to discuss in the consultation. If you do not receive an invitation please ask at reception for an appointment.


Health Promotion

The practice wishes to place emphasis on the promotion of good health and the prevention of disease as well as the treatment of illness.

To this end we will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning exercise, diet and general lifestyle.

We routinely check blood pressure and weight and may from time to time ask you to complete a Health Promotion Questionnaire giving details of your smoking habits, alcohol intake, exercise, diet and family history of cardiovascular disease. This type of questioning may seem slightly intrusive, but their purpose is to help us to give the best possible health care. Your co-operation in this area is much appreciated.

Minor Operations

Your doctor can perform certain procedures such as removal of skin lumps and joint injections, often with the assistance of the practice nurse. All patients should make an appointment to see the doctor for assessment.

Practice Nurse Clinics

Appointments are available daily with the practice nurses for cervical smears, blood tests, dressings etc. Our reception staff will ask which service you require so that the appropriate time is allocated.


Smoking Cessation

Whether through heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic bronchitis, emphysema or bad circulation in the legs, smoking is a major threat to health. It is possible to stop - many people who succeed have previously failed at least once. We can help you succeed. We can put you in contact with our area Smoking Cessation nurses who provide advice and clinics or you can contact them direct on 0131 537 7154. In addition, the Pharmacist at Colinton Pharmacy offers smoking cessation advice and prescribing and Smokeline on 0800 848484 can provide good advice.

For more information:

Visit our Stop Smoking Useful Websites page


Vitamin B12 Management

If you have received a letter regarding possible changes to the management of your B12 deficiency. This is the link mentioned in the letter: