Appointments System

All consultations are by appointment only. Appointments can be made by phoning the Practice or Online

Please remember to cancel your appointment if you no longer need it.

You can make appointments online via our Patient Services System as follows:

To Register complete the form HERE save the document to your desktop then email it as an attachment to the following address:

Once we have processed your registration you will receive an email with log in details.

To log in - Click HERE


Further information

This system is quick and efficient and will also allow you to book your GP appointments online once we return to this being available. Details are:

  1. Patients will complete the registration form accessed above and  submit it to 
  2. Each applicant from a family will need their own personal email address. (because it gives access to a medical record shared email addresses are not acceptable).  Children under 16 cannot use this system. 
  3. A link key will be sent to your email address to allow you to set a password and access the system. You can manage and recall your password online.
  4. Once registered, you will be able to book from a selection of face to face routine 10 minute GP appointments online. (Unfortunately not nurse appointments as these require additional information at the time of booking).  You will be able to see all your appointments (not just those booked online).  Only single GP appointments can be booked - if you need a double appointment please phone the surgery to book your appointment.
  5. Once registered, you can view and reorder all your current repeat medications (the medicines that you order regularly that are shown on your repeat prescription reorder form). It will not show your acute medications (items that the doctor authorises for a short period or for single occasions) but you can request these via this new system.  You can also view the status of any requests you have made.

The appointment system is organised to minimise your waiting time. Whilst we try to see you at your appointed time, some patients' problems take longer than the time allocated so please be patient if there is some delay.

You may consult any doctor or health professional you choose, but we recommend that, whenever possible, you try to see the same doctor as this enables us to get to know you.

During examination you are entitled to ask for a chaperone to be present.

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