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All consultations are by appointment only.

Please remember to cancel your appointment if you no longer need it. You can do this online via the above link.

The appointment system is organised to minimise your waiting time. Whilst we try to see you at your appointed time, some patients' problems take longer than the time allocated so please be patient if there is some delay.

You may consult any doctor or health professional you choose, but we recommend that, whenever possible, you try to see the same doctor as this enables us to get to know you.

Routine Appointments

  • Monday to Friday 08:30 – 12:00 & 14:00 – 17:20
  • Also (GP only) Mondays 18:00 – 18:20  and Wednesdays 0730 - 0820( pre-booked appointments only*)

* Although the surgery is open 18:00 – 18:30 (Mondays) and 0730 - 0800 (Wednesdays)  the surgery cannot be telephoned during these times and no other services are available.

Please note that all routine GP appointments are 10 minutes long.

Minor Illness Appointments

  • (Not Wednesdays or Monday mornings) 10:20 – 12:00 & 15:50 – 16:10

These 10 minute appointments are conducted by our Senior Practice Nurse who is a qualified Nurse Prescriber. For more details of the conditions she can see and prescribe for contact reception, or alternatively CLICK HERE

Emergency Appointments (5 minutes)

If you have a condition which you consider to be an emergency and which cannot wait until a routine appointment is available duty GPs offer an emergency surgery daily. However these are 5 minute appointments and you may have to wait.

  • Daily (via 5 min GP emergency clinic appointments) 11:30 & 16:30
  • Our Senior Nurse offers a same day Minor Illness clinic.

Telephone Advice

You can request advice from the doctor or the nurse over the telephone, however they are in consultation for the most of their working days.  If the doctor or nurse you wish to speak to is not available when you phone, a receptionist will be very happy to make a note of any message that you wish to leave.  If a message is left for a GP after 1130, the GP will not routinely reply until their next working day so please phone before 1130 if your query is urgent.

Please Help Us By

If you are returning for a planned review appointment please book your appointment at least one or two weeks in advance and specify the doctor you normally see.

Please always try to let us know if you are unable to keep your appointment, since even with very short notice we will usually be able to use the time allocated to you for another patient.

The great majority of our appointments are booked for ten minutes, but we make use of some 5 minute emergency GP appointments each day to cope with new problems that have arisen that day where the patient wishes to be seen urgently and no routine appointments are available. When you are booked into such an appointment we would be grateful if you would refrain from seeking advice on non-urgent matters.


During examination you are entitled to ask for a chaperone to be present.

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