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Closed on Monday 20 September.

Colinton Surgery will be closed for the Lothian Public Holiday on Monday 20/9/21.  If you need to be seen or seek advice on this date when we are closed, please contact NHS 24 on 111. 


This will start in September 2021.  You can find out if you’re in a priority group eligible for a flu vaccine on NHS inform.

 We don’t have all the details at the moment but we can tell you:

  • You will not get your vaccine at your GP surgery
  • You will get your vaccine at a clinic set up to vaccinate large numbers of people quickly
  • You will have a pre-booked appointment or be invited to make a booking at a vaccination clinic.

 Details on the vaccination clinics are being finalised and when supplies of vaccines become available we will update this website page as soon as we have more information.

 Please don’t phone us as we don’t have any additional information for the moment. Please keep an eye on our website or NHS inform


Consideration for our staff (31/8/21)

Our staff are working tirelessly to met an incredibly high demand and we are still required to take precautions to protect our vulnerable patients against coronavirus. Please be considerate and abuse will not be tolerated.  Thank you.

Reductions in Covid-19 restrictions, but not in healthcare settings  (updated 31/8/21)

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the removal of covid-19 restrictions in 'most areas' from 9/8/21.  However, In healthcare settings there are still special concerns relating to the significant number of very ill and immuno compromised patients who visit the surgery and other particular issues.  There has not yet been any reduction in the 2m distancing rule or other covid-19 restrictions in healthcare settings. 

We do listen to feedback and concerns over our current appointments system. We will be making adjustments to our system in the future to adjust to the changing situation, however these need careful consideration to make sure we get it right, as we must protect the most vulnerable in our community.  We cannot yet return to full face to face appointments with our GPs whilst we have to keep numbers of patients in our waiting room low - we don't feel it is yet appropriate to have the waiting room as full as it was pre covid at this stage).  This will require a reduction in healthcare covid 19 precautions.  Please bear with us whilst we plan this carefully.  Thank you.


  Although covid restrictions are now easing there is still ongoing risk and we are still being advised to work with emergency protocols. Whilst we are also very keen to return to pre-booked appointments and face to face appointments, there is still an increasing risk of covid infection in Lothian currently and a potential third wave and 2m distancing and full covid precautions are still required in healthcare settings.. The demand for GP appointments is currently at the highest level it has ever been historically and this is the same across Scotland and the UK. In order to manage that demand we need to have the majority of appointments on the day to accommodate acute illness. GPs are pre booking a few appointments at their discretion. If we open pre-booking at this time and reduce on the day appointments patients will have less timely access to a GP and the waiting time for a pre-booked appointments may be several weeks which we feel is not acceptable. 

 We understand this is not an ideal situation. We have no control over patient demand but in order to help manage this demand we made renovations to the surgery in March this year and created two extra consulting rooms. We have taken on an extra GP and also had an Advanced Nurse Practitioner for a period who could also see acute medical problems.



This new service to allow patients travelling abroad to access their record of Covid-19 vaccination status themselves, by logging on to NHS  This allows you to view your Covid-19 vaccination status.

For those patients without website access a letter of your Covid-19 vaccine status can be requested in the post via a Freephone Covid Status Helpline. 0808 196 8565.


Only those planning to travel to a country or territory where a record of vaccination status is needed as an entry requirement should download the record or request it.

There is a plan to replace this interim arrangement by digital Covid Status Certificates, which will include vaccination and testing data to be used for outbound international travel.  However this is not yet available


Note:  If you lose or forgot your username or password, you can create a new one by selecting 'forgot username' or 'forgot password' options.

If you are intending to travel abroad you should:

  • check the entry requirements for your destination country on the UK foreign travel advice pages
  • get up-to-date information from the website of your destination country
  • check the re-entry requirements for your return to Scotland
  • only request a vaccination record if it is absolutely required and you are due to travel in the next 21 days


We  now close our doors and do not accept routine phone calls 1245 - 1315 every Tuesday to allow time for staff training.  If you have an emergency select option 1, otherwise please phone back after 1315.  We apologise for any inconvenience, but this is the only time the practice now has to work together uninterrupted to train and update our processes.  Thank you for your understanding.


B12 - Management of B12 deficiency (updated 9/3/21)

 If you have received a letter regarding possible changes to the management of your B12 deficiency. This is the link mentioned in the letter:






It is very strongly recommended that a mask is worn when entering the surgery for your appointment.  Thank you.


Book on the Day Appointments System.  At Colinton Surgery we are currently experiencing very high demand for appointments.  We are constantly struggling to balance your wish to book an appointment for a future date against the requirements to have sufficient urgent on the day appointments available to all.  We also have to consider the continuing and strengthening Covid-19 requirement and ensure that the practice can survive any test and protect issues within the team.    For this reason we have taken the difficult decision to no longer offer appointments for future dates.

However, there is now also a limited option to pre-arrange in advance for a GP to phone you back between 1745 and 1830 on Mondays.  These have to be arranged in advance and are only  for patients who cannot phone between and 0800 and 0900 or cannot receive a return phone call from the GP at any time.

Other than the limited option stated above, if you wish to make an appointment on a future date you will need to phone us on that day.  We aim to have more available appointments each day using this system.  Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience and bear with us during these continuing challenging times.  Thank you.

Telephone consultations.  In an attempt to limit your exposure to COVID-19 telephone consultations will occur first and a face to face to face appointment will only occur if it is required.  If you require to speak to a doctor the receptionist will take your details, a brief description of your problem and the clinician will phone you back.  Face to face appointments will still be offered by the clinician if it is felt to be necessary but only after a consultation on the telephone.  

If you have a rash, wound or the symptom is visible, it can be very helpful to the clinician to see a photograph of the problem.  If you are happy to, you can email a photograph before the telephone consultation to the clinical inbox at:  (DO NOT USE THIS EMAIL TO CONTACT THE GP/NURSE)

Please include in the email your name, date of birth and the clinician the photograph is to be forwarded to.

Please note: on receipt of your photograph(s) your email will be forwarded to the clinician dealing with your problem and deleted from clinical inbox.  Your photograph will also be saved to your electronic medical record. If this is not acceptable to you for any reason then please do not send a photograph. 

Only medically urgent calls after 16:45.  Due to increasing demand at the Practice if you require clinical advice please contact the practice as early in the day as possible.  Any calls that are not medically urgent, received after 16:45 will be asked to call back the following day.  


Colinton Surgery suspended its'  Ear Irrigation Service throughout the covid  pandemic due to the close contact covid risk of this procedure and a 50 % reduction in nurse capacity due to infection control and social distancing constraints.   We will not be resuming the service here, but the NHS Community Treatment and Assessment Centre (CTAC) at Sighthill has just announced that it now has the capacity to resume this service.  

 Patients can now self refer for this service by either phoning the CTAC administration line on 0131-537-7205 or emailing  In both cases you will need to state your Name, DOB, Address and that you are registered at Colinton Surgery.  You will then receive an appointment by post. There may be a significant waiting list at the CTAC, but treatment with oil for 2 weeks  is still recommended as the initial non intervention treatment and this should alleviate the symptoms.  There remains the option to obtain ear irrigation treatment privately.

Text messaging service

Using text messages to contact you is increasingly important and useful to the way in which we are now working.  If you haven't yet signed up to our text messaging service, please see the section on our website (on the right hand side of this text) and apply.  You will be asked for your permission for text messages during most phone calls to the surgery.


Dr Amanda Pringle is on maternity leave from May 21.  For the following 12 months her post will be covered by Dr Elaine McAdam.

We have three  doctors in training at the Practice:

Dr Gruffydd Perks (ST3) and

Dr Lindsay Keir (f) (ST1).

Dr Joke Van Steenkiste (f)  (GP Enhanced Induction, 5/21 - 12/21) 

All GP's in training are fully qualified doctors who are training to become GP's. We have a Senior GP Registrar (GPST3) who is based at the practice for a year, a junior registrar (GPST1) who is with us for 6 months

Travel vaccinations - unable to provide these if less than 6 weeks before departure. (suspended due to covid)

We always advise to contact us at least 8 weeks before travel as you may need a series of vaccinations at a set frequency.  If you have less than 6 weeks before the date of departure we do not have the resources to provide the appropriate vaccinations and you are advised to contact a private specialist travel clinic.

Our Charity for 2021

Our selected charity for 2020 is the Ripple Retreat which is a locally run charity which supports a respite in Stirlingshire for the families of teenage cancer patients.  Details are at   

Chip and PIN debit card reader

We now have one installed to take payments from all cards except Solo.

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